Terms & Conditions

Drugs and Illegal substances 

We operate a strict zero tolerance policy on drug use and possession. All guests to the event will be searched upon entry, any drugs found will be confiscated, the offending patron detained and the police informed. Locked amnesty bins will be provided at the entrance to the site and the entrance to the arena to encourage any attendees carrying drugs to hand them in.

Any contraband material found during the searches will be confiscated and appropriate action will be taken by the security team. Contraband material includes drugs, weapons, glass bottles, fireworks, sparklers, excess alcohol, large sound systems, gas canisters.


All guests will be searched on entry, any weapons found will be confiscated and the police called. Violent persons will not be admitted to the site.

Violence against Women

We operate a strict zero tolerance policy to violence against women, there will safety procedures in place at the festival to accommodate any women who feel uncomfortable, threatened or in danger and our staff and security staff will be briefed to deal with such incidents.