Beyond the excitement of the KenFest event, there are several longer lasting impacts your support and attendance is directly supporting:


The Clockwork Charitable Trust is a registered charity based in Oxted, Surrey, which offers support and information to young adults in Oxted and the surrounding district suffering with depression and anxiety, with the aim of helping relieve this suffering.

The idea for Clockwork was born out of tragic circumstances with several young suicides in the area, which had a resounding impact on the community. 

Matt Hayes, owner of Idol Hands Music School felt more needed to be done to support young people in the local community, suffering with depression. And so, Clockwork was born.

Now a registered charity, Clockwork seeks to achieve its aim through two primary means: by providing financial assistance to help young people access local counselling and mental health services; and by seeking to promote and protect good mental health, through services such as peer listening, support groups and information provision.

Clockwork Counselling.jpg


The Climate Crisis is something that is of serious and immediate concern to all of us, and urgent action is needed. Unlike many of the larger festivals and corporations in the world who choose to ignore this and bury their heads in the sand, we are committed to our responsibility in making sure we do all we can to minimise our environmental impact. 

We are working on a full, comprehensive package so you can attend KenFest knowing that you are not destroying the planet. 

Things you can actively do:



Travelling to KenFest via public transport, or walking. If you need to drive then try sharing a taxi. There is very limited car parking available at KenFest 2021, avoid the hassle and do your bit for the planet.



We've loads delicious beers brewed locally, meaning reduced transport carbon footprint. Wherever possible, we use local enterprise and we invite any local enterprises to reach out. 



We are looking for artists, musicians, helpers and stewards to get involved this year. If you are interested in joining the team then please reach out -